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Fire Marshall

Fire Marshal – Fire Warden Course

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Fire Marshal - 17th May1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 18th May1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 19th May1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 20th May1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 21st May1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 23rd May1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 25th May1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 26th May1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 27th May1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 28th May1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 30th May1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 31st May1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 1st June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 2nd June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 3rd June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 4th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 6th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 7th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 8th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 9th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 10th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 11th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 13th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 14th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 15th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 16th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 17th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 18th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 20th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 21st June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 22nd June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 23rd June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 24th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 25th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 27th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 28th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 29th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00
Fire Marshal - 30th June1/2 DayEssex £50.00

Fire Marshal – Fire Warden Course

Why choose Tam Training?

  • We are the only company in industry that works around your WORK needs or your BUSINESS needs! We save you Time and Money!
  • You work full-time job and cannot always afford the time off work to complete an important Training course that will progress increase your skills or help your business to meet its legal requirements. That’s why we offer Weekend and Evening Courses so YOU have minimum disruption to your schedule.
  • The Cost of all our Fire Safety Training courses are are priced very competitively – please see course timetable below for latest prices and offers.
  • Our Trainers have a combined 35 year’s experience delivering Construction related Training – that’s how we generate complete satisfaction for our customers!
  • Instant Results! Pass confirmation letter given to you on last day of course.
  • Certificate and Fire Marshal photo-card sent within 7 days by recorded mail.
  • We do not cancel any courses. All our scheduled courses always HAPPEN!

How can the Fire Marshal Training course help me?

The course is designed for staff who are appointed to the role of Fire Marshall within their workplace. This fire marshal course will provide the delegates with a comprehensive review of theoretical and practical understanding of the typical functions of a fire marshal within the workplace.

This course will additionally give delegates an understanding of how fires start and propagate within buildings together with the tools to assist with the development and implementation of emergency evacuation arrangements.

Fire Marshal Trainers

Our Fire Marshal Course tutors are qualified and experienced health and safety professionals, with extensive experience in Construction Safety and Risk Management.

All our Trainers hold numerous appropriate health and safety qualifications such as the NEBOSH General Certificate, and the NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health & Safety which is the leading Health & Safety Award in the in the UK and recognized worldwide.

Additionally all our Trainers hold teaching qualifications which is a minimum Level 5 which is well above the required industry standard to ensure that we deliver Training of the highest Standard.

What new skills will you achieve?

While on the Fire Marshall / Fire Safety Training course, current site managers will gain an understanding of:

  • Understand the role of the Fire Marshal / Warden.

  • Understand the importance of regular fire drills.

  • Explain how fire and smoke spread within buildings.

  • Awareness of all fire safety measures in the workplace.

  • Understanding of their actions in the event of fire and the operation of the fire alarm.

  • Confidence in identifying and operating the correct fire fighting equipment.
  • Explain common causes of fire in the workplace.

  • Assist the company in simulated and live emergency evacuation situations.

  • An understanding of human behaviour in fire.

  • Understanding the threat of arson.

Are Course Materials Provided?

Yes, all books and course materials are provided during the training period and for you to take away and keep for your reference. Please be aware not all Training companies provide course materials as part of their advertised price. Please check that there is no extra charge levied to you for course materials.



Complies with the Fire Safety Reform Order 2005

Guaranteed lowest price in industry

Includes Fire Safety course materials

Guaranteed Pass or re-train for free

Weekend Training: Don’t miss a day’s work!

Fire Marshal / Warden courses delivered by industry professionals

Use of real fire extinguishers on our fire training simulator

Instantly become a certified Fire Marshal to meet legal requirements


Yes it meets he Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that it is the responsibility of the employer to nominate a sufficient number of competent persons to take on additional fire safety responsibilities, all of whom will require fire marshal / fire warden training.

Yes you must have a valid in-date SMSTS qualification done within the last 5 years. We can check with CITB all the CITB qualifications you hold should you not be able to locate your original SMSTS certificate.

The course is 3 hours duration without the fire extinguisher demonstration or 4 hours with the fire extinguisher demonstration. The course is run both morning and afternoons. The hours are 10:00am to 1:00pm for both weekend and weekday courses approximately.

Yes absolutely we encourage our customers to have a face to face discussion with us regarding their training course and training needs. This puts your mind at ease so you know you are dealing with real people and a real business that will give you the best service possible It will also give you the opportunity to meet some staff members or even your trainer if they are not delivering training at the time of your visit.

We understand that everyone does not have time to do this so the next best thing is to have a discussion of whatever questions, queries, or concerns you have with one of our training course administrators.

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